Sustainability Report


"At Geo Energy, we believe in "Growing Up Together in Harmony", with all our stakeholders including employees, offtakers, contractors, and the community."

  • Sustainable practices forms the core of Geo Energy overall strategy and is an integral part of everything we do
  • Geo Energy has adopted the GRI guideline and will be producing a sustainability report for FY2017 which will benchmark ourselves internationally and develop a multi-stakeholder approach
  • Geo Energy has engaged Paia Consultancy to drive our sustainability journey, which kicked-off with 2 workshops in both SG and JKT
  • Internally, Geo Energy has set-up a sustainability committee headed by our CEO and independent directors to achieve our sustainability targets

  • Comprehensive safety management system built up over the years, including regular drills and training
  • Strict system of internal safety checks
  • Strong safety record: no major injuries or fatalities in 2016
  • Committed to the prevention of pollution, protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources through the most effect and efficient mine and infrastructure
  • Reclamation of mined land including the forest restoration and/or revegetation are carefully planned
  • Project’s approval requirements ensure all legislative conditions and management plans are implemented
  • Supporting local institutions around the mine sites
  • Empowered the community by providing opportunity for employment and to run small businesses
  • Visits and donations to local community institutions
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